Testimonial Thanks + Making Money

I wanted to drop a quick email to finish the month off to say thanks to everybody that submitted a testimonial for the UnderStrap.com website.

I'v spoken to a few people but I didn't get a chance to email back around 50 of the submitter's. They look great on the home page and have really brought the site to life (as well as reduce home page bounce by at least 10%!).

If you still wanted to submit a testimonial then you can do so using this temporary form: https://understrap.com/submit-testimonial/

That form will be taken down in a week or so as we have quite a lot of testimonials now!

Making Money

I have just added a post about making more money from your web design clients to our blog (link below). It talks about 2 new programs of ours.

It covers the OverStrap affiliate program that has just been added now that we have ironed out the kinks. Its easy to join and for websites that push premium themes it may just be the lightweight alternative that your visitors are looking for.

It also covers an awesome new feature that has been added to our parent company WP Extend's agency program based on survey data captured from UnderStrap'ers. Its a sort of semi-white-label addition built for agencies who want to refer WordPress hosting customers but don't want to use an ugly affiliate URL.

If you want to talk further about either of these you can catch me on live chat on UnderStrap.com or reply back to this email.

Check Out Making Money Post